Rock Miami like Sonny Crockett

Published On 12/16/2013 Published On 12/16/2013

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Mayfair Hotel & Spa is offering a nostalgia-filled "Miami Vices" package themed after... you guessed it, Cheers Don Johnson's '80s exploits. The package is on offer until February 28th, and'll see you doing the following:

* Stay three nights in a swank Mayfair suite, complete with a private terrace and Japanese soaking tub (with room for two, so you and Tubbs a beach bunny can unwind together)

* Hop behind the wheel of a vintage Ferrari Testarossa, and haul ass across Biscayne Bay in a speedboat Sonny'd be proud of

* Take a tour of various locations featured on the show, as well as local nightlife hotspots (perfect for picking up said beach bunny after the sun sets)

* Relax with a couples' massage at one of Mayfair's rooftop poolside cabanas

* Star in a commemorative Miami Vice video (?!)

* Leave with a bright pink '80s gift bag (wait, what?), complete with Ray Bans, a Miami Vice DVD box set, and soundtrack CDs -- perfect for blaring in your Honda Civic after you return the keys to the Ferrari

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1. Mayfair Hotel and Spa 3000 Florida Ave, Miami, FL 33133 (Coconut Grove)

This place saw the rise of Coconut Grove during the 1980s, which coincided with the launch and meteoric popularity of Miami Vice. The rooftop pool and cabanas are totally plush, and most of the guest suites feature private balconies and Japanese soaking tubs.