Rock Miami like Sonny Crockett

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, Mayfair Hotel & Spa is offering a nostalgia-filled "Miami Vices" package themed after... you guessed it, Cheers Don Johnson's '80s exploits. The package is on offer until February 28th, and'll see you doing the following:

* Stay three nights in a swank Mayfair suite, complete with a private terrace and Japanese soaking tub (with room for two, so you and Tubbs a beach bunny can unwind together)

* Hop behind the wheel of a vintage Ferrari Testarossa, and haul ass across Biscayne Bay in a speedboat Sonny'd be proud of

* Take a tour of various locations featured on the show, as well as local nightlife hotspots (perfect for picking up said beach bunny after the sun sets)

* Relax with a couples' massage at one of Mayfair's rooftop poolside cabanas

* Star in a commemorative Miami Vice video (?!)

* Leave with a bright pink '80s gift bag (wait, what?), complete with Ray Bans, a Miami Vice DVD box set, and soundtrack CDs -- perfect for blaring in your Honda Civic after you return the keys to the Ferrari