Holy Crap: Pro Surfer Fights off Shark Attack During Competition

Sure, we all know how you're way more likely to get attacked by a shark if you're on a surfboard, but it's one thing to simply know that. Seeing it actually happen, though, that's something else entirely -- evidenced by the above video showing pro surfer Mick Fanning get the closest call of his life during the 2015 J-Bay Open.

As Fanning himself details later on in the clip (at 3:38), he felt the shark get caught up in his surfboard's leg rope and immediately leapt out of the way, kicking and screaming. Although he didn't see any teeth (fortunately), he did punch the shark in its back as it kept going after his board, which is definitely the most Aussie reaction to being faced with dismemberment via gaping maw.

Sirens blared as rescue boats crews rode out to collect Fanning and another surfer, Julian Wilson, bringing them safely back to shore, and the remainder of the J-Bay competition was ultimately cancelled by the World Surfing League, with Wilson and Fanning splitting the second-place prize money and points. Probably a good move, all things considered.

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