Chopper-accessible luxury lodges

Camping in remote areas is cool, but Bear Grylls has proven that finding luxury accommodations there can be nearly impossible...hey, are the cameras off? Let's hit that Four Seasons over there! Give up the act and let the wild embrace you with its luxuriant arms, at Minaret Station

A first-of-its-kind upscale camping village in NZ, MS's 50k acres of private property are situated in a LOTR-esque valley accessible only by flying a helicopter over the Southern Alps, and're speckled with some of the ballerist tents ever, where you'll enjoy gourmet meals, an array of booze, and private tours of all that glorious nature that seems intent on interrupting gourmet meals and an array of booze

The Digs: A communal lodge boasts a sizeable dining room and couch-strewn living area littered with fireplaces, plus a stocked library, and your spacious personal safari-style canvas tent's furnished with a hot-tubbed deck and amenities including a king bed, full bath, wall-to-wall sheepskin carpets, and floor rugs made from possums, making it feel even more like your Kingdom

The Eats: Local veggies and property-raised beef, lamb & venison are cooked up by their first-class chef, who learned the ropes at top restos in NYC and London. They've got the hooch for all your favorite cocktails, and dozens of local vinos are backed up by a reserve cellar, better than a reserve seller, who can't seem to get it through his head that you don't want to purchase a Dennis Dixon

The Trips: To work it all off, guests have access to a private guide and pilot, together helping you explore the white-capped peaks of nearby mountains, go on hella awesome heli-fishing sojourns, do some huntin', or have a leisurely "mountain picnic", which are likely to attract some bears considering he's staying in the crazy-luxe, hot-tub-equipped tent right next to you.