Hire your own (non-)drug mule

Ready to fight back against the puritanical American mindset that keeps us from selling lightly worn panties out of vending machines like the Japanese!? Well you're probably just wasting your energy, but at least a total stranger can indulge your horrifying urges thanks to mmMule, which facilitates the delivery of hard-to-score products from abroad.

Connecting "locals who want stuff with travelers who can deliver it", the site allows complete hodophobics to offer a "reward" to globehoppers who'll be in the vicinity of something they desire, though they warn it shouldn't be drugs, or "body parts" (so much for someone giving you a hand!). "Locals" post what they're looking for, where on earth it can be found, and the reward they're willing to offer, at which point "travelers" can reach out to lock down delivery & reward deets, which could be cash, "a few drinks at a cool local bar", or "a place to crash for a few nights", which is exactly what someone seeking body parts would offer. Current requests include six bottles of tequila from Guadalajara, a "small boat part" in exchange for a tour on a semi-sub, and a "Free Hug" in exchange for "accommodation at my place", so... definitely more than a free hug.

Anyone feeling particularly generous can even deliver supplies to non-profits who'll reward them with cultural experiences, a dangerous phrase considering it includes the idea of huffing lightly used panties you got from a vending machine.