Let common-folk tell you what to do on vacaction

Mosey homepage

Mosey's the new global peer-to-peer day-trip website that puts the trip-creating in the hands of its users. Their slogan is "make epic plans" and while it would be vastly cooler if that meant it only curated trips for which Faith No More was the soundtrack, it doesn't mean that War Pigs: Tour Sam's Swine Farm then eat at the Wiener Hut is totally out of the question either

The site's super clean and optimized for comp or smart phone. You can either browse other people's Mosey's (which're only 4-6hrs max) by entering a city (with the ability to follow members you like), or you can pen your own Mosey, and finally see just how many other people are into stuff like Hit all the skee ball machines in Minneapolis and Where to drink malt liquor with friendly bums on LA's Skid Row

Should even a day-trip be too much commitment for you, Mosey also breaks down into city-specific topical listings, so if all you're looking for is a killer breakfast place in Sonoma, you could be fairly confident that on Mosey you'd find the real thing, which, in the uber-cluttered world of travel guides, would be no small victory.

Mosey homepage