Civil Rights Memorial, Montgomery, Alabama | Photo Researchers/Science Source/Getty Images
Bisbee, Arizona | L: Richard Cummins/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images, R: The Washington Post/Getty Images
sacramento, california | Octavio Valencia
Rainbow Falls, Wailuku River State Park, Hilo, Hawaii | Steven Greaves/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images
CARBONDALE, ILlinois | Scott Olson/Getty Images News
Keeper of the Plains footbridge, Wichita, Kansas | Walter Bibikow/Getty images
Kennedy Park, Lewiston, Maine | Portland Press Herald/Getty Images
Aurora over Duluth, Minnesota | Posnov/Getty Images
Virginia Street, Reno, Nevada | Car Culture/Getty Images
Albuquerque, new mexico | Mark Newman/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images
Taughannock Falls State Park, Ithaca, New York | L: Stephen Simpson/Getty Images, R: Brett Maurer/Getty Images
Tulsa, Oklahoma | Richard Cummins/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images
Lively Folly Beach, South Carolina | Daniela Duncan/Moment/Getty Images
Sundance Square, Fort Worth, Texas | Kav Dadfar/robertharding/getty images
Orcas Island, San Juan Islands, Washington | Danita Delimont/Getty Images