A super-affordable penthouse in Central London

Located on the south side of Bloomsbury, and therefore pretty much dead in the centre of London, MyHotel's reasonably priced minimalism is offset by the fact that it has a pair of also super-reasonable-yet-huge penthouse apartments.

The regular rooms all sport comp laundry service, wifi, and a "multi-channel TV" (finally!)

The star of the show, however, are the two pimp bachelor pads on the upper floors, both of which have their own living rooms, kitchens, and weird wall-cubes.

They've also both got a balcony taking up a whole side of the building, which is apparently completely orange.

Downstairs, there's a bakery/resto where you can get pan-Euro fare like braised oxtail and baked red mullet, though if you already have a mullet, chances are you're baked all the time.

Being so centrally located, they'll even give you access to next-door members club Paramount, slapped on the 32nd floor of Centre Point.