Nudists make "naked citizens' arrest" over hidden cooler cam


You don't go to a nude beach expecting the day to be like hanging out at the public pool -- when people get naked in public, stuff gets weird. But one guy took voyeurism to creepy new levels in Australia when he was caught blue-handed with a hidden camera inside of his cooler.

The creep in question was spotted pointing his cooler toward a couple on Dec. 21 at Adelaide's Maslin Beach, when someone noticed holes in the cooler. “It had this wooden setup inside where he could put this little handicam", George, a regular at the beach, told the Herald Sun. "And it had three or four holes where he could position this wooden frame and put the camera inside to line up with the hole."

The man, who looked to be in his late 40s or early 50s and wore only an Akubra hat (don't wanna get a sunburnt head!), was subsequently confronted and moved further down the beach. But the pesky perv continued with his cooler cam, and shortly after directing it at yet another couple, was chased by an angry naked person yelling, “He’s got a camera!"

George and a handful of nudists pursued, and the cameraman finally ditched the gear, but not before a nude mob surrounded him as they waited for police to show up. The cops eventually let the guy off with a warning; a spokesperson cited a lack of evidence, since nobody knows where the cooler went.

The perpetrator has allegedly been spotted at the beach before, and some regulars were aware that he was uploading footage on a dodgy site. “It’s on a website that you need a credit card to access”, George said. “I’m not going to pay $30 just to see if my own arse is on there.”

Probably not worth $30.