In Other News: Naked Man on Car Roof Causes Interstate Traffic Jam

Just in time for National Nude Day, one dude decided it'd be a neat idea to strip naked, climb on top of his car, and sit there -- on Interstate 95 South, during rush hour. If his car didn't have a moon roof before, it sure does now.

The incident occurred around 8:30am this morning in West Haven, CT, and though state police were able to get the man off his roof and into custody, southbound commuters were forced to use the road's right shoulder while the highway was shut down by the man's right buttock. Northbound commuters, meanwhile, caught the (w)hole show and were treated to the following view:

Meanwhile, another rubbernecking driver managed to capture the action from a more personal angle:

The man, who was taken to a hospital for evaluation, doesn't appear to be facing charges for his indecent southern exposure.

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