New Japanese website allows you to rent white people

Japan is weird: used underwear vending machines, love hotels, singing toilets, women renting their thighs for advertising purposes, pro snowball fighting, and car factories run by Michael Keaton. Well, add a website that lets locals rent gaijin foreigners by the hour. Why would they want to? Practicing English is pretty self-explanatory. Other stuff gets a lot weirder, sometimes because it's so bizarrely normal. 

japanese girl, foreigner, coffee
Total Manga/<em>darling wa gaikokujin</em>

Some of the odder rentable skills and talents include the ability to sing a mean lullaby possessed by Melissa, a 22-yr-old Dutch grad student, the persistent desire to “drink alcohol” of a 25yr-old Norwegian bartender, and a 25yr-old American teacher's knack for arts and crafts. People actually rent someone for that. Other specialties include Bitcoin, and one dude has an MA in robotics. Rent him quick!!

So, sign yourself up if you can read Japanese/use Google Translate really well.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor, and her skills with a hula hoop are uncanny. Follow her hoopin' @Sohostyle