The Unfriendliest City in the US Is...

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When you're a tourist lost in a new city, all you can hope for is to look up and see a smiling face, happy to direct you to the closest TGI Fridays. However, it's important to keep in mind that the world is generally a cruel place and people don't really care about your problems, especially when they're late for Pilates. 

To that end, Travel + Leisure has released its list of the 15 Unfriendliest Cities in America -- otherwise known as the 15 cities that didn't make the cut in its America’s Favorite Cities survey, for which readers ranked 38 cities based on "their most magnetic features" (so, whether or not local establishments and people were attractive, quirky, or friendly). T+L does note that most of the unfriendliest cities are also the biggest and most fast-paced, which could lead travelers to believe that locals are inhospitable. Or, you know, people could just be exceptional assholes. 

The top spot, obviously, goes to New York City. Thanks guys, for still being the rudest bunch around! Have a great summer. Don't ever change. 

Coming in at no. 2 is Detroit, which is also pretty unsurprising. And in no. 3 is Philly... which we can just go ahead and blame on all of these people

Take a look at the entire list, and maybe try having some thicker skin the next time you're traveling.

15. Chicago, IL
14. Providence, RI
13. Seattle, WA
12. Baltimore, MD
11. Orlando, FL
10. Dallas, TX
9. San Francisco, CA
8. Los Angeles, CA
7. Las Vegas, NV
6. Miami, FL
5. Boston, MA
4. Washington, DC
3. Philadelphia, PA
2. Detroit, MI
1. New York City, NY

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