A Mario Brothers Theme Park Is Becoming a Reality

Published On 05/07/2015 Published On 05/07/2015

In a partnership straight out of a '90s daydream, Universal Studios and Nintendo have joined forces to bring the nerdy world what it needs: a Super Mario Brothers theme park.
Universal Parks and Resorts just announced it will be adding the characters and worlds of Nintendo's video games to its theme parks in Hollywood and Orlando. Details are sparse, and nothing has been released concerning timing. But it seems fair to expect Mario, Luigi, and even their foe, Bowser, to make appearances. But if Universal and Nintendo really know what the world wants, they'll make sure Ness and his dog King are there. Earthbound is totally underrated.
As far as rides go, the speculation is endless. Mario Kart seems like a lock, but will ride-goers be able to pick off other tourists with turtle shells? That really difficult part of Donkey Kong with the mine carts would certainly make for a good coaster, but will there be a nearby souvenir stand selling Diddy Kong baseball caps? These are important questions.
Either way, expansion of the park should take a while, but save up those gold coins for the day the promised Nintendo world finally opens.

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