Four different videos of one of the worst things that could happen to your cruise ship

Reuben Lasker launch debacle

Think the biggest danger to a cruise ship is an iceberg floating somewhere in the Arctic? Well you may reconsider after seeing what happened at the christening of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's 208ft vessel, the Reuben Lasker, in Wisconsin's Menominee River. Thankfully nobody died during the boat-astrophe, and four epic videos of the moment actually survived as well, which we have listed here in order of escalating insanity. Don't miss the fourth one. 1) NOAA's own version includes the actual christening ceremony, small-town folks awkwardly milling about, and five seconds of a marching band warming up. Seems like things might go OK! 2) This multiple angle version gets a tad gnarlier.3) Here you start to get a sense of the blast that slammed into the people standing behind the ship. 4) But it's Jason Bundoff who proved that the view is always most exciting from the rear.Three cheers to for turning our attention to this beaut.

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