Ox carts, archery, and sleeping in a yurt

Warriors from the movie The Rise of Genghis Khan

Have you always dreamed of giving up everything to wander the Mongolian countryside? Do you lay claim to Mongolia early when placing your armies in Risk? When discussing politics at cocktail parties, do you often find yourself wistfully referencing "the late Genghis Khan"? If you answered "yes" to probably just the first question, then this epic, eight-day, nomadic adventure should be high on your list of Summer getaways

After spending a day exploring the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, you'll bus to Terelj National Park and continue your journey through the river valley by ox cart. Hopefully this young boy will not be driving

Upon arrival at your first host family's yurt, you'll be offered a hot lunch and some local tea

Because man cannot travel by ox alone, there'll be a 15mi horseback ride through the forested countryside, as well as lessons on how to make authentic Mongolian clothing. Seriously, you could sew one of those rad coats

Prepare for the impending Hunger Games with archery lessons, which you'll put to good use during "friendly" competition with the locals.

In the evenings, you'll also learn how to play traditional Mongolian games using the bones from a sheep's knee joint, which you will not put to use during a friendly competition with these scantily clad locals

Rise and shine, camper. Today you get to milk the cows

Before delicately asking your host mom if there're any Lucky Charms left in the pantry, at least let her show you how to make some cheese

Before leaving, you, too, will have your turn behind the wheel of an ox cart, but remember: it's better to show up late than to go too fast and end up the late yourself.

Boy driving an ox cart
Mongolian Yurt or Ger
Mongoligan girls on horseback
Mongolian archery competition
Mongolian wrestling match
Mongolian woman milking a cow
Mongolian woman making cheese
An ox cart