A luxurious, portable, personal resort

Half-open Looper in a field

Love camping but hate all the actual, uh, camping associated with it? Well, the next time you're itching to hit the great outdoors, skip the tent and grab the most badass portable resort in all the land: Nomadic Resorts' Looper.The 30ft structure employs a caterpillar-like frame built from sustainably sourced wood and covered in tensile fabric that'll repel insects, rain, snow, sleet, and people who aren't filthy-rich enough to afford it.Under said tensile fabric you've got an air-conditioned bed area, an en-suite bathroom complete with wash basin and shower, a heater, and an office nook with WiFi, all powered by a solar canopy.The indoor/outdoor porch's daybed is constructed from catamaran netting, allowing you to sit and stare aimlessly into the desert during the day. Thanks to a built-in entertainment system and an automatic retractable roof that doubles as a cinema-quality LCD screen, by night you can sit and stare aimlessly at movies.And, best of all, for a small (read: expensive) fee, the cats at NR will move your Looper, so you can go not-camping somewhere else for a change.

Covered Looper aerial view
Looper half-open in the desert
Pair of Loopers on a beach