Turtle Bay Resort's crack team of island insiders

Oahu's North Shore is full of well-bodied, tan locals, and because you are definitely not one of them, Turtle Bay Resort launched the North Shore Guides Club, an experienced team of surfers, kayakers, and island insiders ready to show you to the island's hidden caves, untraveled trails, and more.Soak up the hospitality (and views) at Turtle Bay Resort. With five miles of beachfront and spectacular ocean views from all 443 guest rooms (and suites, and villas, and cottages), it's expected.To get you off your ass and fully immerse you in local culture, specialized North Shore guides can show you how (and how not) to get your surf on or stand-up paddle board.They can also teach you proper kayaking techniques as you explore the island's reefs and waves.If you're tuckered out from all of that physical activity, take a horse ride to a scenic sunset vista. Horses make awesome guides.Or save that poor beast of burden's back and opt for a segway.And feel free to check out this video for even more