$69 Flights To Europe Are Happening. Rejoice Accordingly.

Great news for people who love lavish European vacations but are packing ramen-every-night budgets: Norwegian Shuttle ASA plans to offer flights to Europe for as low as $69, as early as 2017, from US airports.

Chief Executive Officer Bjørn Kjos stated his grand plans to bring poor-asses across the pond this past Tuesday. But, as Brad Pitt once said in a movie about killing Nazis, "If something sounds too good to be true, it ain't." So yes, there caveats to this exceptional deal. Chiefly, that the $69 would only get you to Europe -- with the round-trip package estimated to cost around $300 (still, a really good deal) -- and, you would only be able to fly to locations in Scotland and Norway (also, still a pretty good deal).

As the third-biggest budget airline in Europe, Norwegian aims to solidify affordable, trans-Atlantic travel, and steal some of the market-share from the traditional airline powers. While flights to Europe priced under $100 are not unheard of, the promise of having access to them all the time -- as opposed to the common, first-come, first-serve deals that are only temporary -- hasn't happened yet.

Are you ready to go to Norway? Because I was Bjørn ready. (sorry)

Wil Fulton is a Staff Writer for Thrillist. He was actually Bjørn in Pittsburgh. Follow him @wilfulton

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