6 bars in the middle of the freaking ocean

Published On 01/30/2014 Published On 01/30/2014
The Rock Restaurant
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The Honorable William Wall
The Honorable William Wall
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1. The William Thornton Floating Bar & Restaurant , ,

The most Spring Break-y place in the British Virgin islands and renowned for its waterski shotski.

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3. Floyd's Pelican Bar , Negril,

This sun-soaking oasis/bar/shack is located about a mile off the shore of Negril, Jamaica, offering the epitome of relaxation amongst warm blue waters, if you don't mind paying the fee to be taken there.

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4. The Honorable William Wall NY Harbor, New York, NJ

Anchored at Ellis Island, the Honorable William Wall is Manhattan Yacht Club's seasonal floating clubhouse open from May through October. The downstairs champagne bar is members-only, but the upper deck, which offers unobstructed skyline views, a full cash bar, and snacks, is open to the public.

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5. Villa Escudero Plantations And Resort Waterfall Restaurant Pan-Philippine Highway, San Pablo,

Whet your appetite at this restaurant, which is right at the bottom of a waterfall.