Stay in a gloriously strange South African Airstream hotel

Stem the pangs of disappointment the painter in you felt when you discovered Dollywood wasn't designed by Salvador Dali by journeying to Cape Town's Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park, which's comprised of 10 vintage Airstream trailer suites (plus a couple more traditional villa options) that were concepted and designed by South African artists. The resort's situated on the "pine-whispering slopes of a beautiful corner of the Elgin Valley", and has a pool that's like five times the size of any of its accommodations.They equate the main building to "an off-piste designer ski-lodge", and its focal point is their locally-sourced resto, The Barn. There're 10 total trailer units, each with living areas and decks in addition to whacky themes like these:The Dirkie Sanchez: From latex wrestling suits to masks to other assorted pinaphenelia, the Dirkie's dripping in lucha libre, but the coup de grace is its ring-style bed where you'll "tumble in a tussle of elbows and knees as you grunt and groan till you score"... Draw your own conclusions, people.Yellow Submarine: So much like you're in a yellow submarine that you'll swear you hear Ringo oafishly whispering you to sleep.King Midas: There's nothing tired about an Airstream where everything's golden, including the soap.Metalmorphasis: If it's possible have a sell-out Airstream hotel room, this is it, as Dutch beer Grolsch commissioned a design agency to craft an enviro that reflects their "creative and independent spirit". Also, it looks a lot like a beer can.The Dream: This leafy mofo is an Airstream interpretation of Henri Rousseau's 1910 painting "The Dream"; which, for you, still might be to visit Daliwood, a land where clocks melt off walls and swans reflect on elephants.Photos: Old Mac Daddy Luxury Trailer Park