15 signs you've overstayed your welcome at a friend's house

If you're staying in an unfamiliar city, it can be an absolute blessing when a friend takes you into their home -- so much so that it's easy for a weekend trip to turn into a month-long getaway (from your life). But hey, if they didn't want visitors, they shouldn't have gotten that Karlaby sofa-bed from IKEA, right?

With that in mind, you should beat a hasty retreat if you start to recognize any of the following signs:

1. They heave a heavy sigh upon encountering you in the morning, as if they were hoping you'd magically left in the night without saying goodbye.

2. All those little quirks of yours, the ones that made them laugh so much at first, now result in awkward silence, a change of subject, or your friend fake-remembering to do something and leaving the room.

Flickr user bark

3. They no longer have fun plans after work or on weekends; instead, they just order takeout and retire to their room for the night. You may or may not hear them gently sobbing through the walls.

4. You've basically consumed everything edible/drinkable in the house, including the 32-pack of bottled water from Costco. They're asking you to pick up groceries.

5. But you keep stocking the kitchen with Gogurt and Hungry Man frozen dinners, insisting "they're for everyone!" even though you're the only one who actually likes them.

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6. You've irrevocably warped their Netflix/Hulu suggestions to suit your own tastes, to the point where Harry and the Hendersons and Hardcore Pawn are now the top choices. You, Me and Dupree is noticeably absent.

7. The residents of the house/apartment no longer congregate in the kitchen or living room, electing instead to retreat to their own rooms to "get some extra work done".

8. They mention some “super cheap deals” on flights, which they just happened to stumble across on the internet, totally randomly.

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9. When it's time to clean the house, they leave your messy corner of the room just the way it is, passive-aggressively calling attention to the chaos you've brought into their home.

10. Your toiletries are taking up more counter space in the bathroom than theirs; you may also have personal items stored in the medicine cabinet.

11. They've gone back to their normal routine and usually go without inviting you.

12. What started with you tossing a pair of socks in with their laundry has turned into their hamper being stuffed full of your sweat-stained shirts and boxers.

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13. They start asking you tons of questions about life back in Tulsa: "So, how's your Mom doing? How are they getting by without you at work? Who's feeding your goldfish?"

14. Their pets have switched loyalties, abandoning their former owners and whining whenever you get up to go to the bathroom.

15. They keep telling you to "GO the f*#k HOME!"

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and he’s definitely NEVER overstayed his welcome, not even that one time. Follow him back home, finally, on Twitter @gjaccoma.