This Footage of Paragliding Over the Alps Is Bonkers

Published On 08/31/2016 Published On 08/31/2016
Paragliding in the Swiss Alps
The Young Voyagers

In theory, the phrase "paragliding past the Matterhorn" should evoke feelings of cold air, spectacular views, high-speed excitement, and pretty much everything else you feel when you bite into a York Peppermint Pattie. In reality, it invokes feelings like when HR says, "We need to talk." Sure, strapping yourself to a parachute and running off the side of a perfectly good Swiss Alp might SEEM like a beautiful way to experience Europe. But once you're up there, you realize all that stands between you and crashing into said alp is a scanty piece of branded nylon, and your stomach drops to somewhere around your kneecaps.
So, thank goodness a pair who shoots aerial films as the Young Voyagers, Ali and Alan (their real names, they swear), brought some seriously high-grade video equipment along when they paraglided off a mountain in Zermatt, Switzerland. That's the home of the Matterhorn, a peak you may recognize from the three hours you spent in line at Disneyland or the beginning of a Paramount picture.
The video begins with the pair atop a mountain, then adds a backdrop of M83's ascendant-as-hell "Midnight City." We see drone footage of each of them sprinting down the side of a mountain and lifting into the air, and then all the spectacular views that come along with the ride: snowy mountains, villages, trains. This is best watched with your A/C cranked up and daydreams of cooler weather rushing up like a Swiss meadow when gravity takes hold of you.

Zermatt Paragliding from TheYoungVoyagers on Vimeo.

Vimeo/The Young Voyagers

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