Passenger hurls hot noodles at flight attendant, causes plane diversion


There's one way to instantly make any airplane meal worse: having someone throw it all over you. That's exactly what happened on an AirAsia flight Thursday when an unruly passenger dumped a cup of hot noodles all over a flight attendant amid a heated customer complaint.

According to a statement from the airline, cited by the AP, the passenger threw a cup of scalding water at the crew member along with instant noodles. Other crew assisted their coworker with first aid, and the pilot diverted the flight back to Bangkok. The unnamed noodle-launcher and her three traveling companions were asked to leave the plane.

As if the noodle rage wasn’t enough drama on board, a man even reportedly threatened to bomb the plane. The airline did not mention any such threat in its statement about the incident.

Nearly five hours after landing in Bangkok -- where the airline staff and the offending passenger met to talk, and apparently came to "an amicable conclusion" -- the plane eventually resumed its journey, though it's unclear whether the passenger and her cohort were allowed back on the plane.

But, presumably, noodles were off the menu, and off crew members, this time around.

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team. She does not miss her grad student days of eating Cup-a-Soup for dinner. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @ChloePantazi.