US man gets middle finger caught in bathroom trash can on flight to China

Something always seems off about the way airplane bathrooms smell, even if they weren't just used. And on Wednesday, one man put his finger on the potential source of that problem -- only to find said finger stuck there.

Aboard a Cathay Pacific flight from Newark to Hong Kong, a 32-year-old American man known as Daniel, managed to get himself stuck in the restroom after his middle finger was trapped in the garbage receptacle. Talk about a Chinese finger trap.

The South China Morning Post reports the curious incident occurred at 4am, approximately an hour before the 15-hour flight landed at Chek Lap Kok airport. The pilot reputedly called the police 10 minutes after the plane landed, following a series of failed attempts from cabin crew to help the occupied gentleman.

The fire brigade was called to the scene, but before they could turn up, the man was able to wrestle himself free. Daniel allegedly pushed in with both index fingers while holding with his thumbs to remove the trap allegedly brushed off the incident, leaving the airport with his finger in tact and without requiring medical attention. At least he got out of that flight, a lot better off than this guy, or the lady who got caught trying to join the Mile High Club.

When asked by The Telegraph, Cathay Pacific declined to comment on the events.