Watch Sir Patrick Stewart Play the Most Annoying People on Every Flight

Overhead Compartment Hog. Stinky Food Bringer On-er. Immediately Reclines the Seat All the Way Back Guy... These are just three of the worst people you could meet on a plane

But in case you needed a reminder, Sir Patrick Stewart (as in Captain Jean-Luc Picard) has re-enacted the most obnoxious passengers in the sky -- and none of them is Data! Based on the findings of a recent Expedia poll in which fliers chose the most annoying passengers, the clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live shows Stewart laughing his ass off to a Tyler Perry movie (which takes serious acting chops to make believable), sticking his crotch in another passenger's face, and even kissing a flight attendant. 

You can watch Sir Patrick play such likable roles as "Chatty Charlie," "Landing Clapper," and the poll-winning "Seat Kicker" in the video below. And while you're busy laughing, just remember: Worf would totally lay a beatdown on any of these people if they were on the Enterprise.