Mayweather-Pacquiao Caused the Most Affluent Traffic Jam of All Time

Published On 05/04/2015 Published On 05/04/2015

While all the attention went to the historic Mayweather-Pacquiao bout on Saturday night, the real battle took place before the fight -- on the tarmac of Las Vegas McCarran airport, between all those rich people's private jets.

Most high-rolling, pricey-ticket holders fly in private jets. The problem is, airports have limited capacity for rich folks and their fly rides. And seeing how many of them flocked to Vegas just for the night, well, the most affluent traffic jam of all time came to be.

Check it out:

Although it’s fun to imagine guys like Farnsworth Bentley scurrying around with umbrellas to serve their bosses on the tarmac, it led to a nightmare for McCarran logistics. No reports came forth along the lines of Bloom vs. Bieber either, so in the second disappointment of the weekend, no other really rich dudes were knocked out.

Kara King is a Thrillist intern and SoCal native. She is still trying to make sense of this strange, worldwide phenomenon called “weather.” Follow her attempts to live without all that sunshine at @karatillie.



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