Watch A Plane Nearly Kill These Skydivers

Skydiving's risky enough as is. But when a plane nearly kills you while you're falling back to Earth -- well, that's just Schwarzenegger-level skydiving. And that's exactly what happened to a pair of skydivers in Thailand -- although James Caan wasn't firing a gun at them as they fell.

Parachute instructor Forest Pullman recently uploaded a video of his near-miss from October to YouTube. As Pullman and his skydiving student were in free-fall, the prop jet looped back and flew right at them -- missing them by just inches, but catching their drogue and bridle (essential parachute deployment gear) on its wing.

"The pilot dove the airplane 180 degrees right at me and my tandem passenger,” Pullman, who’s dived from the sky over 10,000 times, wrote on YouTube. And according to his commentary, the plane's "prop, wing, and tail" just missed them.

Even crazier, the student was too hyped on adrenaline to notice the aircraft swooping towards her. Only once the duo made it to the ground safely did she learn how close she came to dying.

Watch the almost catastrophic incident in both real-time and still frames (it's so fast, you’d miss it otherwise) below, and then cross skydiving off your bucket list for good.

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