This Dude Just Declared His Own European Country

Published On 04/23/2015 Published On 04/23/2015

There's not a lot of room for land-grabbing in Europe these days, although Vladimir Putin feels otherwise. But one man fed up with the current system -- and presumably his own country -- decided to just say, "Screw it!" and founded his own country. And a lot of people want in.

Vit Jedlicka saw unclaimed land on the west bank of the Danube river between Serbia and Croatia and decided it was the spot for his personal utopia. Enter Liberland, newest European nation. Obviously it's not official. But it's got a website, and that's the next best thing. It also has a flag that resembles a belt with a snazzy buckle, and a pretty chill slogan, “To Live and Let Live," which would only be cooler if it used the James Bond title, Live and Let Die, instead.

Check out the flag:

Jedlicka founded Liberland on April 13, 2015, citing a border dispute between Serbia and Croatia and the fact neither has ownership over the land. At 2.7sqmi, the new country is still only the third smallest sovereign state, behind the Vatican and Monaco. You know, if you consider it a real place. Here’s where it sits on the map:

And apparently, good things come in small land masses. Jedlicka issued a call for citizens, wanting to start the country with about 5,000 people. He got more than he bargained for, as more than 160,000 people applied for citizenship. Good luck sifting through that pile, Vit.

The country's constitution is not yet available in English, but Liberland boasts great personal and economic freedom for its citizens and promises lax government interference. To become a citizen, you must:

1. Respect the opinions of others;
2. Have respect for private ownership;
3. Not have a communist, nazi or extremist past;
4. Have no past criminal offenses.

If you fit the requirements, you can register for citizenship here. Hopefully, this ends a lot better than Lord of the Flies. Maybe there's a place for all the Piggies of the world, after all.



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