Pot tourism comes to Colorado

Published On 08/23/2013 Published On 08/23/2013
420 Colorado lady

Ever since getting Rocky Mountain High became totally legal, Colorado potheads have been coming up with great business ideas centered around weed, but because of weed they've been waaaaaay too lazy to actually do anything about them. That is, until the cats behind put down their doobies long enough to build a business plan and website in order to launch cannabis tourism.

This was pretty much the scene in Denver on the day that recreational marijuana was made legal statewide. And, although it's still not as simple as walking into the pot store and buying some nugs (it's still technically illegal to buy and sell bud), you can totally consume it all you want.

So, yeah, this activity? Totally only shady-looking these days.

But wait. If you can't buy it and you can't sell it, how are you supposed to get that marijuana that's totally legal to smoke? Well, that's what the enterprising young stoners at "America's First Cannabis Tour" My 420 Tours are for. Here's the skinny on how these tours work:

To begin, they'll put you up at a "420-friendly" hotel where hot boxing an entire room isn't just legal, it's encouraged (we would imagine).

As for the "tour" aspect, you can expect regular samplings with licensed growers, as well as tasty hands-on hash-making classes.

Bet you're wondering what they're up to in that pic... book a tour, bro. Then you'll know.

Silly pot-growers are not known for their spelling acumen.

This picture's pretty sexy right? Well, get used to seeing stuff like it, because the legal way to acquire pot in Colorado is to grow it, and a major component of a My 420 Tour is a growing class and tour of a growing operation.

Dude's acting like he's never held an ENTIRE MASON JAR full of dank nugs before.

Believe it or not, cooking with cannabis is not exclusively the domain of brownie bakers. In fact, another facet of the tour is a Cannabis cooking class, in which you'll actually learn recipes that involve weed and myriad ingredients (not just Duncan Hines).

"And then The Dude says, 'That rug really tied the whole room together, man...'"

If are motivated enough to put this boss package together, the least you can do is put your bong down long enough to book a smokecation.



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