Gotta pee? This app finds the closest public toilet.

There’s nothing worse than being in a strange city and finding yourself in dire need of the bathroom. With no Starbucks in sight, what’s a hapless tourist to do?

Download Flushd, that's what. Like a toilet-seeking superhero to the rescue, this ambitious new iPhone/iPad app locates nearby public restrooms across the globe. 


What does it do?

In addition to locating the closest toilets:

  • Flushd functions kind of like Yelp, allowing you to add your own bathrooms and review/rate facilities. There's even an emergency button, which'll map you to the absolute closest public bathroom in the area.
  • Keep track of your bowel movements in painstaking detail, and with personalized stats -- from how often you go, to how long it takes you to go, to what time of day you usually need a restroom, to what kind of bathroom you prefer to frequent, etc. Seriously, it goes on and on.
  • Helps make your toilet experience extra productive by streaming personalized reading material, or adding your social media accounts to the “Read” section.
  • And, speaking of social media, for those who enjoy oversharing their daily bowel movements, Flushd is building a social network around that most private of experiences, complete with badges. In fact, many of apps 1,200 users have reportedly already uploaded bathroom selfies. Oh, goodie.

What's on the way?

  • Eventually, Flushd will set up a reward system where you can earn prizes and discounts. Yes, you read that correctly -- prizes for taking a piss.
  • The upcoming version will also fine-tune the bathroom locating search, allowing users to filter restrooms by personal preferences like quality, cleanliness, distance, etc.