Purposely spend the night in a super-haunted Latvian prison

Published On 07/02/2013 Published On 07/02/2013

The bummer about most historic haunted prisons is that they're cool with having you in for tours during the day, but when you try to bed down for the night in one of the cells, they get all like, "Hey, this is a historic haunted prison, you can't actually sleep here," and then they kick you out. Well, not Latvia's Naval Port Prison, which not only invites you to sleep in their centuries-old haunted cells, but promises to treat you with the same brutal heartlessness they did their Soviet prisoners back in the day.

Since its inception in 1900 until its closing in 1997, the NPP, which housed everyone from military prisoners to revolutionaries to enemies of the Stalinist regime, aimed to "break people’s lives and suppress their free will"... A modus operandi that led to some, um, questionable prisoner treatment and, consequently, to it being widely regarded as all sorts of haunted.

Here's people on a normal, totally only semi-scary daytime tour.

But we're thinking you're probably insane more interested in the so-intense-you-need-to-sign-a-waiver "Extreme Night", wherein you will arrive to something like this, and from that moment until the next day literally become a detained prisoner... IN A HAUNTED PRISON.

It's not entirely clear what this guard is getting ready to do, but her expression does not bode well.

Once that's over you'll be escorted to your accommodations for the evening.

As they gently show you into your cell, you'll get another gentle reminder that you signed a waiver, and in Latvia the only thing more binding is an oath signed in goat's blood and set on fire.

And with that, this gentle seamen will close your light-duty cell door.

This mildewy, rat-infested cell will be your home for the evening.

PYCHE! That first place was the officer's quarters, yours are infinitely worse.

If you weep in there, this man will hear and likely ridicule you.

If you get through the night alive, or at least without crapping your pants, the next day they might even let you play "Escape from Russia". Seriously, that's something they do. It's like Latvian Monopoly, or something.


And, equally seriously, this is how the guards play "Escape from Russia" because, hey, at the Naval Port Prison they're serious about wanting you to spend the night.

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1. The Naval Port Prison Rožu Laukums 5/6, Liepaja, LV-3401

The Naval Port Prison is located on the northern part of Liepaja, Latvia, and was used as the military fleet base of the Russian Empire during the late 19th century. Tourists can live the part of a prisoner in in a theatricalized performance-tour of the grounds and can even opt for the "Extreme Night" sleepover, complete with scary, screaming guards!



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