It's no surprise that hardcore mountaineers and hikers train for years before tackling the Himalayas and Mount Everest, but, seeing as though you don't have that kind of time, Red Savannah's Himalayas by Helicopter package will graciously help you and your pals take the easy way out, offering up a helicopter ride to see the world's highest peak in comfort. What else?! Well, how does rubbing elbows with an actual king sound.. Things kick off in Kathmandu, where you'll be met by your guide/host for the duration of your journey

You'll be taken to relax a bit at the hilltop-situated Gokarna Forest Resort, which sits in the very same woods once used by the Royal Family as a hunting ground. Your next day will be spent on the Pokhara Lakeside, where you'll have lunch on said lake before spending the rest of the afternoon on a boat, eventually watching the sun set beyond the Annapurna mountain range and snagging some totally ridic Instagrams. Selfie It's in Pokhara that you'll stay at the non-fictional Shangri-La Hotel Nepal for some much-needed jacuzzi time/wondering who the hell the High Lama here is Next, hop on a plane with your guide to meet up with a two Live Sherpa crew for a trek into Kagbeni, where you'll explore the mud-hut-laden town and maybe meet every single person living there, as the population is only 1200 After an overnight stay at Annapurna Summit Lodge, jump in the choppa headed for Lo Manthang, where you'll have an exclusive tea time with the King of Mustang (rad!!) at their palace Looping back around, your journey returns you to Kathmandu to explore the medieval city of Bhaktapur on foot, with highlights that'll include the Nyatapola Temple and the Palace of Fifty-Five Windows, because fifty-six just wouldn't make any sense Finish things off by boarding another helicopter en route to Everest Base Camp, where you'll take a flight around the Khumbu Valley that ends in Kongde with a hearty meal, as you've just conquered Everest and are probably pretty hungry.