A boutique hotel with a secret restaurant and roofdeck bar

Roofdeck at Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel

Nestled in a renovated 101yr-old Midtown millinery factory, the Refinery Hotel's a 197-room, '20s-themed boutique luxury spot with a vintage vibe, prohibition-style "Tea Lounge", and expansive roofdeck bar complete with a retractable glass ceiling

Imagine the year is 1912: the Republic of China has just been proclaimed, New Mexico becomes the 47th state, and making hats is your trade (best fantasy ever?!). And this is where said hats were produced... at the brand-new-at-the-time, 12-floor, neo-gothic, "store-and-loft" Colony Arcade Building which..

...has been totally renovated to house the '20s-themed hotel. The ground floor used to be a hat store and tea salon, but now appears to just have unattended MacBooks and pleasant color schemes

After briefly exchanging pleasantries with the desk clerk/MacBook, enjoy a beverage at their lobby bar, the prohibition-style Winnie's Tea Lounge. There you can eschew Earl Gray in favor of "dapper mixologists" pouring your favorite whiskey, a picture of which would look nothing like this shot of one of the hotel's minibars.

As the upper floors of the loft-style building also housed the factory's workers, it's only fitting that the industrial-vibed throwback rooms boast high ceilings, vintage trunks, brushed oak hardwood floors, and desks inspired by sewing machine tables.

According to one hotel tour guide with, well, quite an imagination, this painting was made by two people doing sex on top the canvas. According to everyone else at the hotel, that's not true -- some dude just rolled around on it

When you get hungry, grab some sustenance at the 120-seat Parker & Quinn restaurant/tavern that reportedly will have a secret entrance that winds through the kitchen

Kick back rain or shine on the roofdeck bar that rocks reclaimed wood from the building's old water tank, a fireplace, and even a retractable glass roof

And behold the city's skyline, but not through a funky wide-angle lens.

Exterior of Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel
Lobby at the Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel
Wine at the Refinery Hotel
Room at the Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel
Sex painting at Refinery Hotel
Food at the Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel
Roofdeck bar at the Refinery Hotel
Refinery Hotel
View from Refinery Hotel roofdeck