Travelers, Prepare for Take-Off.

Stow your tray tables and return that seat to an upright and locked position—travel is back in full swing. And considering how long most of us have been grounded, we’re anticipating more than a few bouts of turbulence. From navigating increased flight delays to planning a trip with your pandemic puppy (AKA new best friend), there’s no question about it: Today’s travel landscape looks and feels pretty different than it used to.

After all, the world has changed, and so have we. But even in all its New Normal-era glory, our planet still beckons. That’s why we’re tackling all the ways we can make our collective return to the skies, rails, and sea as smooth and enticing as possible.

So go ahead and dig out that suitcase, dust off your passport, and don’t forget to put up your OOO notice.


What Frequent Fliers Know About Getting Free Stuff from Airlines

Status is king.


From Pandemic Pet to Travel Buddy: How Hotels Are Wooing Furry Friends

It’s simple claws and effect.


I Turned My Passport Renewal into a Beach Vacation

Lemons to (tropical) lemonade in a few easy steps.


Things I Wish I Knew Before Embarking on My First Cruise

How a clueless land-lover learned to navigate the all-inclusive open seas.


The Most Useful Apps Every Traveler Should Download

Tech-savvy tips to make traveling a breeze.


I’m a Professional Travel Writer—and I’ve Sworn Off Flying

You don’t have to board a plane to see the world.


How to Get Over Travel Anxiety and Bliss Out on Your Next Flight

Because sometimes the friendly skies don’t feel so friendly.


The Best Way to Breeze Through Customs

Hint: It’s as fast as Global Entry but way cheaper (AKA free).


The Unexpected Perks of Traveling With Your Family

Turns out the Griswolds were onto something.


This Desert Town Has One of the Coolest Airports in America

Imagine, an airport that’s worth the price of a plane ticket.


11 Expert Tips for Saving Money When Traveling Abroad

Sidestep pricy surprises with these effective tricks.


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