Hitch a ride without using your thumb

When it comes to hooking up with strangers in a car, the internet has always been a boon, but now it can hook you up with strangers who have cars, thanks to RidePost. A new road trip community, RP lets you reserve a seat in an automobile that's headed the same direction you are, allowing you to vet the drivers before you commit and costing only a nominal booking fee set by your trip host, making e-hitchhiking cheaper than seven-minute cabs. Posts are filtered by date & location, and come with details on the # of free seats, the make & model, whether it's one way vs roundtrip, plus community driver reviews and personal deets (including photos) culled from Facebook, because no one in the history of the internet has ever misrepresented themselves using a social media profile, ever. To protect drivers, they can also view your personal info before deciding whether to accept your request, and cancellation refunds require 24hrs notice, which shouldn't be a problem considering you're so obsessed with saving money that you use the internet to find rides with strangers instead of on them.