Plan a kickass driving vacation in no time

Unplanned detours can be the best part of a road trip, but considering where the careers of Breckin Meyer, Seann William Scott, Amy Smart, DJ Qualls, Tom Green, Andy Dick, and Horatio Sanz are at these days, maybe it's better to just know where you're going. Thankfully, now there's Roadtrippers, a slick new discovery and planning tool that helps you

Plot your route: Plug in points A & B, any waypoints, and whether you prefer highways or back roads and it'll plot your course giving you travel time, mileage, and estimated fuel cost, as if your companions weren't already going to be a total gas!!

Plan your stops: Give it your acceptable detour radius and it'll flag pit stop options in categories like Food & Drink (Diners & Drive-ins, Vineyards & Distilleries...) Accommodations (Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn...), Attractions (Amusement Parks), and Entertainment (Casinos, aka Unamusement Parks), all of which come with extra deets/contact info/star rating as sourced from magazines, books, tourism data, and select affiliated travel writers & local experts

Do More Later: They're planning to incorporate a direct booking option for hotels and experiences, launch a mobile app, and unveil the ability to follow other users and thereby discover new road trips, which'll probably be even better, and named Van Wilder.

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