Here's Russia's evil-looking new tram car

If Bruce Wayne ever realized just how much gas the Batmobile guzzled and he decided to go green, Russia’s future commuter train, which was just unveiled at the Innoprom 2014 industrial expo, would be the Battrain.

Called the Russia One (or R1), this sinister-looking train could've come straight from a Sci-Fi flick, or maybe it's just the railway to hell. With shiny black glass, an illuminated display, and touchscreen operated doors, it’s no wonder the locomotive's already been dubbed the “iPhone on rails”.

It also comes as no surprise that the R1 was designed by Uralvagonzavod (or UVZ for the linguistically challenged), a company that specializes in tanks. Because Russia.

The Devil's tank, errr... the tram, is super high-tech, both inside and out, thanks to WiFi, GPS, and LED mood lighting that changes according to the weather and time of day.

Apparently, the tram's been designed to kinda look like a crystal, reflecting everything around it in order to seamlessly blend into any landscape.

As much as a gigantic, menacing train can.

The cabin interiors – which can fit only 28 people per car and between 190 and 270 total – were designed to give standing passengers more space, while giving seated passengers more comfort.

And check out those sexy felt-covered sofas in the back. 

Sure, the wood’s handsome as hell, but the devil’s in the details (see what we did there?): rails are antibacterial, and aluminum stepping boards with built-in heaters will survive in harsher climates and minimize icing. 

You know, like Russian tundra.

The forward-slanting cabin nose should give the driver a 30 percent wider view of the tracks, thereby hoping to minimize collisions and other potential accidents.

For now, the R1 is just a prototype awaiting further testing. UVZ, however, plans to have the tram on track by 2015, expected to run in select cities across Russia.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor, and spends her mornings smushed into someone's armpit, hoping not to get pink eye on the L train. Follow her @Sohostyle.