Russian Dude Strips Naked at Airport Security


Airport security is always a pain, if only because most people don't know how to take off their shoes, belts, or jackets in a timely fashion. Or how to empty their pockets, for that matter. But for one Russian airport worker, emptying pockets became moot, as his response to inspection was simply stripping naked quicker than Ashy Larry at the World Series of Dice.

When he realized that he'd left his shift at Pulkovo Airport without his keys, Georgy Myakinkin returned to the St. Petersburg airport to retrieve them. But security officials reportedly gave him a hard time and requested he remove his belt.

“When I refused and told them I wanted to just get my keys, they called police,” 31-year-old Myakinkin told He then proceeded to strip buck naked, leaving only his socks on as he walked through the scanner. Those floors are cold, after all.

Security officials and onlookers watched calmly as Myakinkin strolled past security in his birthday suit -- either because they were stunned, or because that's like a 2/10 on the weirdness scale in Russia. Either way, things got next-level strange when he briefly spread his cheeks to give security a look.

Myakinkin then gathered his belongings in the buff, putting on his watch first. As one astute Redditor noted, “He probably felt naked without it.”

A day after the incident, the security footage allegedly leaked online. Of course, Myakinkin has since lodged a complaint about the video going public. “I know that they just leaked it in order to embarrass me,” he said, “but I will have the last laugh.”

A spokesperson from the Russian Interior Ministry’s transport department confirmed they are probing further into the incident.

But based on the footage, officials probably got a sufficient look.