This 'ingenious' suitcase is also a scooter

Ever been dragging your rollerbag through the airport and thought, if only I could jump on this thing and just ride it to the gate? No, of course not, because you're an adult.

But if you had, then right now you'd be blown away because Olaf, a Slovenia-based company possibly run by tweens, has designed an ingenious solution to your non-problem: the suitcase scooter.

Yup, that's right, prepare to be the most envied/gawked-at passenger in Terminal B. You'll never miss another flight with this baby, which unfolds into a sexy foot-powered vehicle.

The Kickstarter-backed company offers two designs: the serious Business model (because nothing will ensure you close that big deal like scooting into an important meeting), and the more hep-cat Urban version, a backpack that transforms into a skateboard while tastefully accenting your cuffed jeans and Billabong beanie.

There also sell a simple kick scooter that can carry whatever bag you want. Just like a regular kick scooter.

Although regardless of whether you go business or pleasure, you should know that each Olaf bag scooter can only handle a rider up to 220lbs. In case that influences what you order for lunch.

They do, however, feature an extractable handle and brakes, so you don't go screaming into the gate agent or accidentally fly down the jetway. Not to mention, built-in covers for the wheels.

Tired of our mocking tone? Actually think this the coolest bag ever? Well, we won't judge you if you order yours here, starting at $311.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and has had frequent flyer status since she was born in a Lufthansa terminal. Follow her @Sohostyle