This City Has the Crappiest Weather in America


Albert Hammond says it never rains in Southern California. And what Albert Hammond says, goes. Or something like that. But just as there're places where it rarely rains, there're plenty of places that make up for it. So which city has the country's wettest, cloudiest, most miserable weather?

That'd be Seattle, WA -- and Buffalo, NY.

At least, that's according to climate blogger Brian Brettschneider, who pulled data from the National Climate Data Center and Global Climate Historical Network for the average annual rainfall, number of wet days, and total cloud cover in the 73 largest US cities, to find the nation's dreariest metropoles. Each city was then assigned a score from 0 to 30.

Folks get the most use out of their umbrellas in Seattle and Buffalo, which both got a sucky weather score of 27, while Portland, OR, tied for third place with a score of 26 -- confirming Fred Armisen’s and Carrie Brownstein’s suspicion that rain follows you around -- alongside Pittsburgh, PA. Cleveland, OH, Cincinnati, OH and Lexington, KY tied for fifth, drip-dropping in at 25 on the crappy climate spectrum.

Brian Brettschneider's Climate Blog

As for the sunniest cities, Arizona, Nevada, and California took the cake, with a handful of cities tied at a mere 3 miserable-weather points.

Ultimately, Northeastern states came off looking the worst. Contrary to the TV show title, it's not always sunny in Philadelphia -- or throughout the Northeastern corridor, for that matter.

Before the Buffalonians pack up and become Bakersfieldians, check out Brettschneider’s findings in the list below.

Brian Brettschneider's Climate Blog

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