A hotel carved out of a cave…

Likely named for its heaving boulders (or perhaps just because the Italians are a very sexual people), Sextantio is an Italian hideaway located literally in the caves of Southern Italy. You'll find it in the town on Matera right on the heel of the Boot, where everything seems to built either on or into the hills (it's like the Spencer Pratt of geological locations!).Each of Sextantio's 18 abodes is unique. Because it's carved out of a freaking cliff.These "grotto rooms" may not have any Hef, but do have antique linens and handmade furniture.Even though it's super-nice all year round, all the rooms have "heating" in the form of almost-molten stones. In the bathrooms, meanwhile, showers are built into the rockface, and cozy fires will provide the necessary relaxation to leave logs of your own. The on-site resto's called The Tasting Room, and's set in an ancient church that itself is hewn into the rock, so expect Catho-lickin' fare including local cured meats, bruschetta, and grilled eggplant. Nearby, you'll also find the world's fastest zipwire, which'll send you to the next town over at 85mph... across a 3k foot drop... face down. It's called "The Flight of the Angels", presumably because that's who you'll be joining very soon.

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