A private spice ship that hunts down Komodo dragons and sick snorkeling in the East Indies

Embark on a 7 day cruise through South East Asia on the Silolona, a modern wooden version of a traditional Indonesian spice ship. You'll eat and sleep under the watchful eye of a dedicated crew and explore the“East Indies, or "spice islands", which are inhabited by girls that are anything but scary. Day 1Meet the crew and embark northward up the eastern coast to the Komodo Archipelago, and only after an hour you'll be able to enjoy your first swim… unless getting onto the boat was harder than you imagined. Day 2Hop off at Rinca Island to spot Komodo dragons, wild boars, monkeys, and water buffalos. Follow up that with an afternoon on "Pantai Merah", world famous for it's pink sand.Day 3Sea kayaking, diving, and snorkeling are just a few of the things you'll do on Padar Island. You can also head onto the island for bird watching if you forgot your water wings.Day 4Head to the top of the Gili Lawah Darat & Gili Lawah Laut, where you'll be out of breath because of the views, walk, and saying Gili Lawah Darat & Gili Lawah Laut over & over again. Head to the bottom of Gili Lawah Darat & Gili Lawah Laut for snorkeling with exotic fish and turtles.Day 5Waking up in this bedroom of yours ain't bad, but neither is today's trip to Batu Muncul, w/ it's pristine white sandy beaches.Day 6Dive around the Banta Island and it's numerous, finger-like bays noted for their giant turtles and manta rays. Here, you'll enjoy for your last evening under the brilliance of the Milky Way. Day 7Grab your last swim at Pulau Sebayor before navigating towards Labuhan Bajo, where a seaplane will land next to Silolona and bring you back to Bali, in spite of the what you want, what you really really want, is to not leave.

Silolona Phinisi Deck
Silolona Phinisi Dragon
Silolona Phinisi Dolphin
Silolona Phinisi Boat 1
Silolona Phinisi Interior
Silolona Phinisi Turtle
Silolona Phinisi Sunset