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Chili crab (!) one of my all time favorite things to eat is crab (suck it, lobster) faves: mud crab in Australia, Dungeness in Vancouver, Santolla in Spain. Crab is the most delicious spidery sea bug there is. Don’t even get me started on crab fat and bread 🙀 one of my faves is the Singaporean style chili crab like this one from @kengengkee digging into this or the salted egg crab alongside some ice cold lime juice or beer in the heat is a special pleasure. Especially when the chef happily tells you that it’s so good because of a huge helping of straight old fashioned ketchup. Love to see how ketchup in particular is something that has permeated asian cultures in very delicious and very undelicious ways. While I love a PNW style crab cause it feels like home, one of my fave places to eat crab is Asia because of the spice as I’m a spice fiend (not to first time chili-crabbers: this is not typically a spicy dish regardless of the name) AND because they give you gloves 🧤 to eat your crab which means you can reaallly get in there and not feel like a goblin

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