Horrifying Sinkhole Swallows 5 People in China

Published On 08/27/2015 Published On 08/27/2015

Welp, here's your nightmare fuel for the day: five people plummeted through the Earth's crust when a sinkhole opened up near a bus stop in the Chinese city of Harbin this past weekend -- and the whole thing was caught on the CCTV footage above. Prepare to not feel safe on any sidewalk ever again.

It's not as bad as it looks, though. According to local news reports, everyone escaped with minor injuries: yes, even the three people in the center who seemingly got crushed by that vending machine/phonebooth/deathbox. Plus, one of the victims averted disaster by using ninja-like reflexes to clutch a nearby wire as they fell through the sidewalk's gaping maw, which is a total Tom Cruise move.

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