A swanky LA transplant that somehow even makes mirrors on the ceiling classy

Located smack dab in the heart of Collins Ave and boasting just about everything (Philippe Starck designs, Lenny Kravitz suites, two signature restaurants, plus multiple pools...), SLS is a sexy oasis for those looking to be at the center of all the South Beach action.

The lobby is divided by two very contrasting versions of José Andrés' Bazaar, with the front "Rojo" room outfitted in black communal tables and your standard lucha libre mask-wearing bull

After passing the barrier -- seriously, a bar divides the room -- you'll hit the ballroom-esque version "Blanca", with a seashell chandelier so massive it'll give mad envy to your smoked oysters and conch fritters.

The opulent guest rooms are all designed by Starck, who mixes a sophisticated, regal look with kingly-in-another-way mirrors on the ceiling.

Upgrade to one a suites and get your own enormous private terrace with either a beach or city view.

And all rooms come with this: access to Hyde Beach's (LINK BACK) 8,000 sq-ft private pool/lounge area, where waitresses personally bring you cocktails like the vodka/bell pepper Love Unit, which's pretty G.

These same waitresses will also venture to the chaise-lined beach, because, hey, it's right there!