What really happens when snakes are on your plane

This past Sunday, a Mandarin rat snake was discovered on an aircraft about to depart for Tokyo. After the reptile failed to produce a ticket, and Samuel L. Jackson's name wasn't found on the manifest, all 370 passengers were evacuated and sent to hotels for the night until the Department of Agriculture could investigate.

The offending airline? Qantas. The flight was departing Sydney and, although the investigation is still open, it's pretty obvious the snake read Everything in Australia is trying to kill you and decided to book it.

If all this talk about snakes on Qantas sounds familiar, it's because back in January a pretty robust 10ft python was found clinging to a wing on a 2hr flight to Papua New Guinea. That fella managed to freak everyone the hell out by hanging onto the plane's wing until it landed. Terrifying.