Speedo's new whale flippers help you swim... like a whale

When most of us think of whales, we think of Shamu, blow holes, and that CD of soft soothing sounds you got in your stocking at Christmas that helps you fall asleep at night. 

What we don't usually think of is speed; no, that's more dolphin than whale. Speedo, however, disagrees. And to prove it, they've taken the humpback whale as inspiration for a new line of flippers. They're called Nemesis Fins (presumably because "Whale Tootsies" didn't test well with the focus groups), and they incorporate some nifty bio-mimicry features that are actually kind of brilliant.

Flickr user Paul Jones

The flipper's scalloped edges (or "tubercles", for the marine biologists in the audience) are reminiscent of a humpback's pectoral fins, giving you more surface area off which to push. Meanwhile, the grooves up top guide water toward the blow valves on the side.

To top it off, the whole thing's molded from EVA foam, which is meant to make you more streamlined by keeping your feet and hips elevated in the water. You may not look like Michael Phelps, but you'll definitely have his swimming posture! Maybe.

Speedo's Nemesis Fins are currently available to pre-order for about $40.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel. He's not the strongest swimmer in the world, nor is he a whale, so these fins are a godsend. Follow him into the water on Twitter @gjaccoma