Check out this in-flight safety video... with Sports Illustrated swimsuit models

Unless today's your first day on the internet, you're probably aware that Air New Zealand makes awesome in-flight safety videos (from naked crew members in body paint to Betty White going old school -- or, as she calls it, just school), and each has spread across the web like wildfire. Unsatisfied with their viral success, the Kiwi airline's released yet another fun take on the otherwise tired genre -- this time, a collaboration with Sports Illustrated, which can only mean one thing: Christie Brinkley, Hannah Davis, and Jessica Gomes in bikinis. This pre-flight footage'll have your undivided attention. Enjoy.

click to play video

SI's celebrating their 50th anniversary, and've gathered up some of their finest swimsuit models to aid in providing top-notch safety instruction from the beaches of the Cooke Islands straight to your middle seat way in the back. Why are you still reading? PRESS PLAY.

Gianni Jaccoma is an editorial assistant for Thrillist Travel, and fondly remembers the SI Swimsuit Issues of his youth. Follow him on the Tweeter at @gjaccoma.