Sleep in Anthony Bourdain's favorite resto

What do you do if you run a pioneering, consistent "Worlds Top 50" resto in East London? Apparently, you open a second branch just off Leicester Square and put a hotel above it, that's what.The whole space is intentionally minimalist, with the sole exception of the chairs, which are dressed like '80s lycra pants. The starkness is kinda intentional, because it's not your eyes you're here to feed, but rather your stomach.St John's meaty, nose-to-tail fine dining has already nabbed its first Michelin, though you definitely won't tire of it.Anthony Bourdain once said "If I had to die with half a bite of anything hanging out of my mouth, it would probably be the roast bone marrow at St. John". Stay there on a weekend and you'll get the full nose-to-tail experience at Suckling Pig Sundays, turning it into a day of rest…aurant feasting.If there are enough of you (or you're secretly-still-alive Marlon Brando) you can get that sucker in your own private dining room, too.