Stay in a British Castle fit for... 28 of your friends

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Main

Built in 1841 as a "gentlemen's folly", there's nothing foolish about staying in this massive Airbnb named Augill Castle. This Victorian gothic revival bad boy sits in the rural setting of South Stainmore (northern UK) and has 14 bedrooms, and thus 14 opportunities to make a gentleman's folly of your own.

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Bedroom

All 14 of those bedrooms have Egyptian cotton bed linens, come with their own unique artifacts (African tribal masks, etc.), and some even have their own damn turret.

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Bathroom

Along with all the bedrooms, there're 10 baths (robes included!), and even one with a church pew opposite the "loo".

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Living room

Plenty of common rooms available for cozy lounging made possible by fireplaces.

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Movie

Or relax in the small "cinema" room, which actually looks like it might be as old as the castle, and barely has three dimensions itself.

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Cinema II

Modern conveniences abound.

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Dining

Meal out on the castle's huge oak dining table where they serve "breakfast, lunch, supper, and dinner". Wait, what's supper? Have the British been hiding a fourth meal?!

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Swords

Still more working fireplaces, but those swords, they've been retired, buddy.

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Bar

What kind of giant manor would this be if it didn't have a dual library and bar?

Airbnbest: Augill Castle Exterior

With around 15 acres of grounds, there's plenty of outdoor space to explore, and much of it houses pigs, goats, and turkeys -- something no one'd ever call you for renting a freaking castle.